East Africa Community based tours

tailor-made community based holidays and tours in Uganda for groups and individuals.

Africa Tourism done right

We organise sustainable community based tours and holidays in Uganda and East Africa for groups and individuals.

We promote tourism that allows travellers to connect closely to local communities.

We focus on preservation of local culture, contribute to economic growth, increase employment opportunities, preservation of wildlife, conservation of the environment. Our inspiring community based tours in Uganda and East Africa are ideal for single travellers, groups,  Culture and adventure tours, wildlife safaris, Gorilla tracking safaris, School trips, Homestays, Students tours, Short term Mission trips, Volunteering tours, Medical electives and internship placements group tours, Halal-friendly Islamic tours and safaris and more


experts in unusual Uganda travel experiences

Our Mission: To facilitate responsible tourism to Uganda’s most isolated and least understood places while encouraging people-to-people engagement through travel, culture, sport and humanitarian projects.

By using Msafiri tours, you literally help support the lives of the local community members in Uganda and East Africa and this encourages the people to protect the natural resources rather than destroy them through unsustainable use.

Unique Guided Tours & Safaris

Africa Halal holidays

Halal-friendly holidays East Africa Here at Msafiri tours, we provide Halal Islamic holidays to Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, Halal safaris

3 Day Quickie Safari

Spend 3 amazing days on 3-day Queen Elizabeth Uganda Safari, this Ugandan safari is for those short on time, this itinerary gives you

Gorilla and Wildlife Safari

8 Day Uganda Gorilla and Wildlife Safari 8 Day Uganda Gorilla and Wildlife Safari combines gorilla tracking in Bwindi

Unusual local community-based experiences

Volunteering safari

Have you ever thought of making your Africa trips truly worth it? would you consider vоluntееrіng while travelling in

Uganda music Safaris

Uganda music Safaris for individuals and groups These Uganda music safaris combine your dream Uganda Safari with African class

Uganda culinary tours

Go on Uganda food and culinary tours We at Msafiri tours will help you uncover a world of authentic,

community based Humanitarian Work tours

Family volunteer holidays

Want to have fun learning something new, sharing experiences and making lasting memories on Family volunteer holidays Uganda with

Charity challenges

Looking for a challenge in Africa that will help make a difference to a charity, non-profit or community? We

Group Volunteering

Group Volunteering in Uganda is a great way for university groups, corporate groups, friends, classmates or colleagues to develop stronger

Safaris & Tours Uganda

We offer Uganda Cultural Holidays, Cultural Trips, Cultural Tours that include the opportunity to spot wildlife. Our available Safaris include wild life safaris, trekking to see gorillas and chimps in Uganda, and seeing the majestic Lions and Elephants in Uganda’s national parks.  Browse our selection of affordable Safari and tour options for groups and individuals.

Excursions & Day tours Uganda

Our Uganda Safaris are well organised to take you take part in different Uganda Tourist Activities including wildlife game drives, Bwindi Gorilla Trekking, Birding, Cultural Experiences and more.

UgandaN Cultural Tours

Uganda Culture Experiences offeroutstanding natural beauty, tranquil weather and amazing wildlife; the country has a strong Cultural heritage, Traditions, Customs, food, music and art.

Medical Student Elective Placements

We have opportunities for supervised Uganda medical elective internship placements and student placements in Uganda for 2019/2020 for professional and trainee medical students.

Student Tours

We offer exciting, affordable, student tours, school trips, and challenging student expeditions with wildlife and Gorilla trekking safaris to Uganda for 2019/2020 for both local and International Schools.

Volunteering options

We organise and run the best Volunteers Tours to Africa especially to Uganda. Contact us today to book volunteer tours and be sure to have memorable safaris to Uganda doing volunteer work.

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Ethical, sustainable Tours

Our 7 key sustainable travel guidelines for Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda.
  1. We connect with local people, build trust and experience tourism together, you will experience what is unique about the cultures, share your own and give the local people a voice.
  2. We train locals in tourism. Interacting with people from different cultures can sometimes be challenging but we equip communities of now to interact with visitors and think abut which information to share and to make travellers feel welcome.
  3. We create independence of local groups which want to improve their livelihood and improve their future
  4. The community travel experiences we provide in Uganda, Kenya or Rwanda include interactive experiences where guests can participate instead of being spectators who watch and visit. We engage guests in local culture where they do, try and taste things to give them a sense of these unique experiences.
  5. We provide our guests with experiences, we have English speaking tour guides who help with communication between to local people and the travellers
  6. We allow travellers to step out of their comfort zones by giving them chance to engage in community experiences, we ensure that what we offer is just right, not too long and not too unconfutable to our travelling guests
  7. We ensure safety of our travellers as they enter into quite often unfamiliar areas, Our tour guides have local knowledge and will know how to explain safety and sanitation measures to all our guests.
We aim is to create win, win , win situations and we commit ourselves to good tourism experiences in East Africa for communities and travellers

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Community Based Tourism An opportunity to connect with local people

We are local experts

Each Uganda tour is accompanied by either a local guide or an expert guide. We are Ugandan born and bred and we love our country! Our passion and knowledge of Uganda mean our tours offer local insights into some of the best spots in the country.

highest quality Uganda Tours

Our big Uganda group tours rarely exceeding 25, enjoy a more personal experience with Msafiri tours. This means all our Uganda tours are of the highest quality and offer great value for money.

Ethical Tourism

Let the journey begin! Uganda is a big country, with heaps of spectacular scenery, unique culture, amazing wildlife and Africa’s friendliest people. If you are ready for the Uganda trip of a lifetime and want to get out there and see it all, give us a go today!!