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We are back in action! And back on the Uganda cultural tours! Due to Covid-19, the safety of our guests to Uganda and staff is of paramount importance. Guidelines include masks, sanitisers, social distancing and contactless check-in. Uganda cultural tours are starting up slowly, we are ready to take bookings for 2022 for any tours.

We have offices in the UK and Uganda, whatever your Uganda dream tour – we will make it come true! 

Vacations, holidays, tours, safaris to Uganda are great and being a tourist is okay. But what if you want to go deeper? What if you want more than an average safari? What if you want to shake off the limitations of retail tourism and experience Africa as the locals do? How do you travel to Uganda and allow yourself to be absorbed into the Ugandan culture as much as possible, while still being useful and respectful? Here on our website is how;

We are specialised in Uganda adventure activities, ecotourism or unusual local community-based experiences. We run a wide selection of tailor-made cultural and adventurous tours in Uganda for individuals and groups, each designed to help you get the most out of your Uganda tour.

Do you want to book Uganda cultural tours or safari, but you don’t have the funds right now to book your dream holiday? All you need to do is set up a Direct Debit, and you’re good to go. Spread the cost of your holiday over 3, 6 or 12 monthly  instalments take advantage of our Uganda tour Payment

TAILOR-MADE Uganda cultural tours & EXPERIENCES

These Uganda cultural tours give you a starting point for what your holiday could be. Treat them as inspiration, as each of our Uganda tours is tailormade for you.

Whether you want to stay in simple or luxurious accommodation, have a particular passion for African wildlife, Ugandan culture, volunteer to make a difference, take students on tour, try authentic Ugandan cuisine, go mountain gorilla tracking, spend time with a tribal community, attend a Uganda music festival or even visit a UNESCO world heritage site in Uganda, you’re planning a trip for a special occasion, taking students on tour, medical elective placement, we can create a Uganda itinerary to match your, budget, interests and tastes. 

Our collection of Uganda cultural tours

Uganda Honeymoon Tours

What does your dream Uganda honeymoon look like? Your honeymoon is one of the best and most memorable holidays

3 Day Queen Elizabeth National Park Quickie Safari

Spend 3 amazing days on 3-day Queen Elizabeth Uganda Safari, this Ugandan safari is for those short on time, this itinerary gives you

8 Day Uganda Gorilla and Wildlife Safari

8 Day Uganda Gorilla and Wildlife Safari 8 Day Uganda Gorilla and Wildlife Safari combines gorilla tracking in Bwindi

Suggested Uganda cultural tours

Uganda volunteering safari

Have you ever thought of making your Africa trips truly worth it? would you consider vоluntееrіng while travelling in

Uganda music Safaris

Uganda music Safaris for individuals and groups These Uganda music safaris combine your dream Uganda Safari with African class

Uganda culinary tours

Go on Uganda food and culinary tours We at Msafiri tours will help you uncover a world of authentic,

Volunteering Tours

Family volunteering in Uganda

Want to have fun learning something new, sharing experiences and making lasting memories in Africa-Uganda? We have lots of

Charity adventure challenges

Looking for a challenge in Africa that will help make a difference to a charity, non-profit or community? We

Group Volunteering in Uganda

Group Volunteering in Uganda is a great way for university groups, corporate groups, friends, classmates or colleagues to develop stronger

Safaris & Tours Uganda

We offer Uganda Cultural Holidays, Cultural Trips, Cultural Tours that include the opportunity to spot wildlife. Our available Safaris include wild life safaris, trekking to see gorillas and chimps in Uganda, and seeing the majestic Lions and Elephants in Uganda’s national parks.  Browse our selection of affordable Safari and tour options for groups and individuals.

Excursions & Day tours Uganda

Our Uganda Safaris are well organised to take you take part in different Uganda Tourist Activities including wildlife game drives, Bwindi Gorilla Trekking, Birding, Cultural Experiences and more.

UgandaN Cultural Tours

Uganda Culture Experiences offeroutstanding natural beauty, tranquil weather and amazing wildlife; the country has a strong Cultural heritage, Traditions, Customs, food, music and art.

Medical Student Elective Placements

We have opportunities for supervised Uganda medical elective internship placements and student placements in Uganda for 2019/2020 for professional and trainee medical students.

Student Tours

We offer exciting, affordable, student tours, school trips, and challenging student expeditions with wildlife and Gorilla trekking safaris to Uganda for 2019/2020 for both local and International Schools.

Volunteering options

We organise and run the best Volunteers Tours to Africa especially to Uganda. Contact us today to book volunteer tours and be sure to have memorable safaris to Uganda doing volunteer work.

Uganda Tour reviews and testimonials.

Ethical, Responsible Uganda Tourism

                                                                    TRAVEL IN A WAY THAT CONNECTS & GIVES BACK.

As experts in Uganda cultural holidays and socially responsible travel, our custom-designed Uganda tours support conservation, local communities and native customs. Msafiri Tours are designed to facilitate a two-way cultural exchange that leaves a lasting, positive impression on visitor, host, and Uganda. Tourism is an effective way of redistributing wealth, generating positive economic benefits for local businesses and providers.

Our Uganda responsible travel policy is about the attitude we and our clients exhibit and the choices we make when travelling concerning the benefit of the local population in Uganda and its culture. All our Uganda tours are not only saturated and interesting but also provide benefits to the environment and the local communities.

Our Uganda cultural tours, Cultural Trips, Cultural Tours aren’t adventures for the mere observer – they are designed to put you at the heart of your authentically and responsibly, thought through cultural encounters, hands-on experiences both popular and lesser-known. Broaden your horizons and make Uganda travel memories that will last a lifetime.

A selection of videos to give you a flavour of our Uganda Cultural Holidays

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8 Day Uganda Gorilla and Wildlife Safari MSAFIRI TOURS UGANDA
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Group Tours Msafiri Tours Uganda
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Why choose us for…Uganda Cultural Holidays?

We are Ugandan born

Each Uganda tour is accompanied by either a local guide or an expert guide. We are Ugandan born and bred and we love our country! Our passion and knowledge of Uganda mean our tours offer local insights into some of the best spots in the country.

highest quality Uganda Tours

Our big Uganda group tours rarely exceeding 25, enjoy a more personal experience with Msafiri tours. This means all our Uganda tours are of the highest quality and offer great value for money.

Ethical Tourism

Let the journey begin! Uganda is a big country, with heaps of spectacular scenery, unique culture, amazing wildlife and Africa’s friendliest people. If you are ready for the Uganda trip of a lifetime and want to get out there and see it all, give us a go today!!