Our Team

Our team

WE ARE MSAFIRI TOURS-Local, experienced naturalist Uganda tour guides.

From our office to the guides who will join you on your Uganda tour, we have an experienced and dedicated team who will help you every step of the way when it comes to planning your Uganda tour, trip or safari and provide you with a seamless experience. Meet our  Msafiri tours team Uganda tours, the professional tour guides who are very capable and ready to take you around Uganda and ensure that your Uganda safari is a memorable one. These individuals who make up our Uganda tours team are some of the talented individuals who know Uganda inside and out. who have years of knowledge and experience behind them; who treat each individual client or group as if they were their only client or group; who are dedicated to creating unforgettable Uganda tour and safari experiences; who have bags of enthusiasm and passion for travel in Uganda; who are busy working behind the scenes; who probably drink too much Uganda tea; but most importantly, who make Msafiri tours so great. 

We have a wide range of backgrounds and interests, but you can be sure that the one thing that ties us all together is a love of Uganda, Ugandan culture and wildlife and a passionate desire to share that with other people.

When drafting the founding principles of Msafiri tours, we recognized that there is a need for the travel industry in Uganda to not only offer take–away–experiences but to do so whilst leaving behind a positive legacy from each and every traveller. If you book a tour Uganda tour with Msafiri tours, we promise to do our utmost to provide you with outstanding service before, during and after your Uganda holiday.  We look forward to hearing from you soon. Click here to see why you should choose us 

Msafiri Tours Uganda

Denis Kigongo Victor

Founder, Director,Tour leader

Hi! My name is Denis Kigongo Victor, the head of the Uganda tours team and founder of Msafiri Tours. I was born and educated in Uganda where I developed a love for wildlife and our beautiful culture. I have led cultural and group community tours in Uganda for more than ten years. I was born in Iganga, I speak fluent Luganda, Lusoga and English and I have expert knowledge on Uganda and its culture.

Msafiri Tours Uganda

Agnes Nanteza

Reservations Officer

Hey, I am Agnes the Reservations Officer. Born, raised and educated within Uganda, thus the vast knowledge on the country, its wildlife, beautiful sceneries and culture. I’m deeply passionate about nature, tours, adventure, exquisite culture, wildlife in Uganda, East Africa and the people. I’m also a chatty, easily approachable, interesting, kind and outgoing person. I would enjoy an adventure with you be it safari, exploration, tour, volunteering work, among others. At Msafiri, we are always pleased and excited to work with you and cater for all your travel and tour needs that fit your interests and budget. Thank you for your support, come back again. Agnes.


Remmy Kityo

Tour Guide

I am a safari driver and guide in Uganda with Msafiri Uganda tours team and I have a passion for nature which helps me to connect people to the jungle life. I feel privileged to take people on safari. I started doing this job as soon as I finished my industrial design degree at Nkumba University in Uganda and over the years, I have acquired lots of skills and knowledge of Uganda, its people and wildlife.

At Msafiri Tours, we are like one big family, partly because the founder director is my older brother, but also because I love the people I work with, and I love the animals I work around in the field.


Geoffrey Kirunda

Tour Guide

Geoffrey is a driver/guide in Uganda. He never misses pointing out a site of interest, a beautiful bird in a bush, a chameleon on the road which we would easily miss, or a lion in the distance which could only be seen through binoculars!

He will regale you with anecdotes from his extensive travel expeditions and use his experience to show you the parts of Uganda that many do not get to see. He is an engaging and charming guide whose knowledge and experience is greatly valued at Msafiri Uganda tours team

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