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If you are looking for a reliable tour operator in Uganda or Rwanda, “Msafiri Tours Uganda” is the right choice for you. Here are seven reasons why:

Imagine a different way of travelling to Africa-Uganda. Not a mass-produced, hermetically sealed series of airports and hotel transfers, safaris, tours and excursions that make you feel you are ‘doing’ a country, rather than actually visiting it. Imagine instead Uganda travel that is smaller scale, much more human, and therefore much more enjoyable and unique. That is what we do at Msafiri tours.

We specialize in taking individuals, families, groups of friendly visitors to authentic places in Uganda where the local people wear traditional dress, make their own textiles, grow their own food, still celebrate exciting festivals, and live in fascinating traditional Ugandan archaeology and architecture.

At Msafiri tours were born to deliver the ultimate Uganda Adventures.  We are Ugandan born and bred and we love our country! Our passion and knowledge of Uganda mean our tours offer local insights into some of the best spots in the country. We take you to see all the icons of Uganda plus lots of lesser-known places, all while sharing our expertise to give you a unique perception of what makes Uganda special.  Whether you have a year or a week, we want you to get the most out of your time and see the best Uganda has to offer.

Our goal is to offer international travellers the highest quality Uganda Tours at the lowest price possible. To undertake this mission, we range between operating Uganda tours and using other highly qualified operators. This means all our Uganda tours are of the highest quality and offer great value for money.   Give us a call, connect on social media, shoot us an email or simply just book online and let us make your Uganda Adventure a reality.

Let the journey begin! Uganda is a big country, with heaps of spectacular scenery, unique culture, amazing wildlife and Africa’s friendliest people. If you are ready for the Uganda trip of a lifetime and want to get out there and see it all, give us a go today!!

Our slogan is “ More than the average safari” for us, it embodies the idea of caring for local people, African cultures and nature – which is key to true, sustainable development. 

Msafiri tours Uganda is a Ugandan Tours and safari company established to deliver an enriching responsible African holiday experience for people that also

  • Care about the needs of the local people in developing countries
  • Care about preserving the environment and natural resources
  • Care about respecting local customs and practices
  • Want more than the average package deal

Most Safari companies offer safaris in Africa that involve arriving at the airport, getting into a 4-wheel drive vehicle and travelling long distances along bad roads to try and find the “Big Five” animals. The holidaymaker takes as many photos as possible and then gets back on the plane and heads home. Msafiri tours believe there is little difference between this type of holiday and a visit to the zoo! We are promoting Ecotourism and responsible travel to Uganda.


We know that there are many many choices for tours Uganda or Rwanda, but we believe you are better off going with us for the following reasons:

We are Small and personal in approach: We go to selected destinations in Uganda and Rwanda we can afford to put attention to minutes details on your trip. 

Consultative style: We are ready to listen! We will discuss your interests, travel style, budget, and time frame and all the factors that can influence your trip to ensure we suggest a tour that’s right for you.

Expertise: There is no better substitute than first-hand knowledge when it comes to designing your tour. Our staff are all local and have travelled extensively in Uganda and Rwanda where we operate.

Dedication to quality: Our Uganda safaris, tours and trips draw on the resources of highly respected professional tour guides. All services, accommodations, ground operators and travel arrangements are continually monitored and evaluated, to ensure to the best of our ability that we are providing you with the quality of product and service you are looking for.

Commitment to client service: As our Uganda tour client testimonials will reveal, we strive for excellence in developing our client service skills. 

Local Office: Through our Uganda office, we continually have our ear to the ground, keeping up to date on what’s new and exciting in tourism development in the region, and in turn making these new offers available to you.

Timely and flexible response: We know that your time is valuable and we are committed to using it effectively. Therefore, our goal is a 24-hour response time to your inquiry. We continually update you on the status of your request, keeping you informed with keen attention to detail and efficiency – while retaining our creativity and flexibility.

Competitive prices: Although travel to Uganda is not inexpensive, we believe that our tours and trips offer the best value for your money. We will always work with you to maximize your given budget, cutting corners without losing quality, or providing ‘extras’ to make your tour that much more unique.

Our expert reservations team live in Uganda and explore new Uganda attractions, visit hotels and to research museums, cultural sites, galleries and restaurants so that we can offer the most up-to-date advice and recommendations.

Work with us:

We want to build a network of passionate people who can work with us and represent us in different countries to make a difference. We want to build a network of selected agents around the world to offer our unique products and programs in Uganda.

Wherever you need us we will be here to help with your Uganda or Rwanda tour arrangements. You can contact us on e-mail or by phone, subscribe to our YouTube channel or follow us on Facebook and other social media platforms.

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