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                  WE ARE MSAFIRI TOURS

If you are looking for a reliable tour operator in Uganda or Rwanda, “Msafiri Tours Uganda” is the right choice for you. Here are seven reasons why: 

Msafiri tours Uganda is a Ugandan Tours and safari company established to deliver an enriching responsible African holiday experience for people that also

  • Care about the needs of the local people in developing countries
  • Care about preserving the environment and natural resources
  • Care about respecting local customs and practices
  • Want more than the average package deal

Most Safari companies offer safaris in Africa that involve arriving at the airport, getting into a 4-wheel drive vehicle and travelling long distances along bad roads to try and find the “Big Five” animals. The holidaymaker takes as many photos as possible and then gets back on the plane and heads home. Msafiri tours believe there is little difference between this type of holiday and a visit to the zoo! We are promoting Ecotourism and responsible travel to Uganda. 

Our Values

  • Being of Service: To make it easier for visitors to enjoy Uganda travel experiences that benefit both the traveller and the locals.
  • Being Mindful, Intentional & Responsible: We believe in the power of travel as a force for good in Africa – when it’s done right. For too long, global travel & tourism has exploited local African communities and damaged destinations.
    Our tours are centred around benefiting both the visitor and the local people
  • Building bridges: We’re creating the space to enable you to nurture cross-cultural connections with local Ugandans and people from around the world.
  • Travelling to seek knowledge: Come with a curious mind and learn about your cross-cultural Ugandan heritage, from the UK to America and everywhere in between.
  • Bringing you quality: You know the phrase, ‘more than an average safari’, right? Our groups are considered ‘small’ by some standards, but they’re only small in number. We’re BIG on everything else; authenticity, quality, service, adventure, fun and helping you form new friendships.

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