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How to organise family tours to Uganda

Do you wish to take your family to Uganda? combine a relaxing Uganda holiday with cultural activities. we have Uganda tours designed with children in mind
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Every Uganda family holiday is a great opportunity to spend some time together with your family, put your work obligations aside, and get a well deserved rest. You get opportunity a chance to see and explore Africa on an amazing adventure. But planning your Uganda family trip can be confusing and overwhelming.  We are here to help you organise your family holiday.

Travelling to Uganda with kids encourages lifelong wonder, learning, and care for people and places far beyond your own home. Msafiri tours design Uganda family tours that dig deep into the local culture. We’ll help you connect, play, dance, and even volunteer with the Ugandan people you meet.

Msafiri tours Family Journeys and tours are small-group trips designed for adventurous, multigenerational families in search of a meaningful way to discover Africa together. Families will enjoy enlightening Uganda experiences, the freedom to explore, and quality time together—and return home with a renewed sense of wonder of Africa.

Msafiri Tours Uganda

What makes Msafiri tours Family Journeys unique?

  • Thoughtfully crafted itineraries for families with children ages two and up
  • Our Uganda tour packages/activities are also attractive to children.
  • Resources and Uganda travel activities inspired by Msafiri tours’ expertise in photography and storytelling, culture and history, wildlife, and geography
  • Ugandan local tour guides who are specially trained to engage with young travellers
  • Comfortable and convenient accommodations and kid-friendly meal options in Kampala and at safari destinations
  • Dedicated Msafiri tours guide and reservations officer, known as Family Trip Specialists
  • We Offer appropriate accommodation in Uganda for families with children which is spacious and/or with adjoining rooms and accommodation with a swimming pool in some places.
  • 100% guaranteed departures: once you book a Uganda tour or safari with us, you’re going

Msafiri Tours Uganda


Whether it’s the big two-week Uganda family holiday in the summer or a quick getaway to Uganda at half term, Msafiri tours ticks all the boxes for a Uganda family break. Free from the classroom, the children can spend hours playing outside in the Uganda sun, while the adults enjoy freedom from the daily routine in an Olympic size swimming pool.

We offer Uganda and Rwanda the ultimate year-round holiday destinations. At springtime, in the Easter holidays or the May half-term break, the Uganda wildlife abundant on safari, the forests are bursting into life; take a woodland walk with the tour guide, smell the wild savanna grass and look out for baby owls, young antelope, crocodiles and hippos and the return of the migratory birds.


What are the family group sizes:

Our usual family group tour size is around 12 to 18 people. Or, if you want to travel with just your family, or other families you know, then get in touch right away.

What dates?

All of our Family Adventures to Uganda can be planned around school holiday dates. Whether you fancy a wildlife safari over Christmas or sleeping under the stars in Jinja at Easter, we’ve got dozens of adventures for you to choose from.

How much does it cost?

Taking the family to Africa can be costly – think expensive resorts and over-priced tours, but family tours offer an affordable way to travel. That’s because you’ll put the focus firmly on spending quality time together, authentic Uganda experiences and helping communities in need.

As with all Uganda travel, there are costs involved, it is important to set a budget that is attainable for your family. Once you’ve got your budget in mind, you can work with us here at Msafiri tours for packages that will suit your family the most. And, with a bit of planning, saving and preparation you can make your meaningful family tour to Uganda an affordable reality.

Tourist looking at mountain gorilla in African jungle. Getting very close to wildlife.
Why Uganda?

Escape to the real world of nature in Uganda and enjoy an authentic Uganda holiday and safari experience. Come to Uganda, you can relax, have fun and explore new places. Try something new in Africa and enrich your family and friendship bonds.

Contact us now:

Whether you want adrenaline-fueled family Uganda adventures, fun in a tropical forest or an easy life back in your safari lodge, simply get in touch to book from our range of Uganda family holiday treats and activities and enjoy the Ugandan family holiday of your dreams.

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