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Tips for Africa student group tours and school trips
Tips for Africa student group tours and school trips

Travelling to Africa on a group tour or school trip can be exciting and daunting. Here we provide Tips for Africa student group tours and school trips before they travel so they can remain safe and know what to expect when they are in Uganda.

We provide the following useful information for parents and children to read before the start of their school trips and educational visits to Uganda and Rwanda.
  • Ugandan, and East African traffic in general, is different from the one you are used to in the UK, USA or Europe, so be very careful to LOOK BOTH WAYS. Do not walk into the road after checking right only. Please note that vehicles in Rwanda travel on the right.
  • Listen carefully to instructions from Msafiri Tours staff and ask for clarification if necessary.
  • Make sure you keep appointments to meet up with the group at the correct time and place.
  • No smoking or drinking alcohol while on Africa tours without the express permission of a teacher.
  • Follow all instructions from teachers and those in authority. Failure to do so may endanger yourself and others. Never act recklessly or you may cause an accident.
  • Report any injuries or illnesses immediately to your teachers or Msafiri Tours staff who will provide first aid or arrange medical attention.
  • Do not stray or wander away from your group.
  • Do not go swimming without permission.
  • At refreshment stops, stay close to the group leaders and do not wander around the car park or near the road.
  • Respect the hotel and other accommodation facility rules and be polite to each other and other visitors.
  • Keep noise down especially after 11 pm.
  • Do not run along corridors and around blind corners.
  • Do not socialize in bedrooms; a lounge is available.
  • Do not use bad language. This gives a bad impression of your school and of British students. Most people in Uganda or Kenya understand English.
  • Luggage should be restricted to one medium sized suitcase and one small bag for hand luggage.
  • Do not over pack. Apart from a camera, do not bring valuables and jewellery. Comfortable and loose-fitting clothes are best. Make sure all luggage are correctly labelled.
  • Always have with you the Msafiri Tours team or hotel telephone number and any emergency contact numbers.
  • Never explore on your own.

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General – Personal medication, travel sickness pills, malaria tablets, inhalers, sun cream, sunglasses, camera and charger, toiletries, night clothes, tracksuit, jumper. For the journey – games, puzzles and books, MP3, iPod.
Daily check – Any medication, sunglasses, camera, money, packed lunch.

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