Study tours/field trips

Here is how to plan overseas study tours and field trips to Uganda

All study tours to Uganda-Africa come with a huge amount of excitement but also bring trepidation. What to take? Who do I contact in case of an emergency? What will it be like when I get to Uganda? Where will we I actually stay in Uganda? What will we do in Uganda? How do we travel around Uganda? What would we eat?

We have been handling overseas study tours to Uganda for a long time so we know a thing or two about planning Africa school trips. We have a lot of knowledge and support we can share with you.

We at Msafiri tours we arrange and provide Uganda Overseas Study Tours and Field Trips for undergraduate and postgraduate university or college students from the UK, USA, Australia and Europe. We would like to hear from you, so we can help you organize your tailor-made and affordable Uganda Safaris and overseas study tours and field trips to suit your specific requirements.

Our overseas study tours and field trips to Uganda are short term courses that allow you to study either a core course, elective unit or intensive course in Uganda. Intensive overseas courses are usually 2-6 weeks in length and mostly run during semester breaks.

Our Uganda field trips and study tours are diverse and you will have the opportunity to learn in Uganda.Our overseas study tours in Uganda offer students a great and hands-on learning experience in specific areas of study by interacting with African industry experts and developing knowledge of local Ugandan culture by meeting new people.

We cover a variety of disciplines including international development, geography, geology, environmental management and tourism and we are happy to discuss other subject areas.
Our overseas studies and field trips are short coursework experiences in Uganda allow you to complete your University unit intensively overseas. Our Uganda Study tours are usually 2-4 weeks in length and take be arranged in your semester breaks.
The best good things about our overseas study tours and field trips are that Msafiri tours will do the hard work for you.

About the Uganda study tours:

  • Visit local Ugandan companies and partner business schools
  • Be part of business seminars and networking opportunities with local Ugandan students, businesses and leaders
  • Tour Uganda cultural sites, go on safari and local places of interest

Benefits of a Uganda study tour:

  • Immerse yourself in another African culture
  • Experience the challenges and opportunities facing organisations in Uganda-Africa
  • Extend your Africa and global awareness, enhance your international perspective as a manager

How do they work?

Overseas study tours and field trips in Uganda allow you to study either a core or elective unit of your course in Uganda.
Our Overseas study tours are all tailor-made to meet your specific educational objectives and assessment requirements and are fully accompanied by our experienced Msafiri tours staff.

Included in overseas study and field trips to Uganda:

  • Visits to selected places/organisations in Uganda
  • Expert guest speakers
  • Interaction with local Ugandan universities
  • Data collection opportunities
  • Recreational and fun activities such as wildlife safaris or Uganda mountain Gorilla trekking tours

The overseas study trips and field tours are also designed to promote students personal and professional development and, ultimately, enhance their employability.
While respecting your academic expertise, we provide support from the design of your field course to in-country delivery including emergency support.

Please contact us now to discuss your potential Oversea Studies and Field Trips to our Uganda.


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