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Find the perfect Africa itinerary to suit your educational requirements from our range of school trips to Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda

We help schools, colleges, universities and youth groups with their educational and residential trips Uganda Student trips 

We at Msafiri tours offer educational trips to Uganda and Rwanda designed especially for overseas students. We’re East Africa educational tour specialists with the experience, knowledge and passion to organise unforgettable Uganda trips that inspire students to learn, long after they return home. There’s a wealth of learning opportunities and benefits to your students travelling to Uganda from around the globe.

Students’ Learning African Adventure;

We’ve been creating high-quality, curated school trips to Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda in East Africa for the past 10 years. Our Msaifi tours team of local experts has found the perfect balance of experiential opportunities and adventure, guaranteed to uncover all the learning experiences that our Africa have to offer.

Our itineraries can support a wide range of school trips including subject-focused trips, language learning or cultural tours, Residential and Activity weeks, and GSCE, A-Level or university curricula.

From climbing Mountain Rwenzori to cooking classes on our school trips to Uganda; African cultural music workshops to museums on our school trips to Rwanda; and volunteering at with local communities to wildlife safaris on our school trips to Kenya. Your students’ Learning African Adventure starts here.

Our Uganda cultural study trip helps students to learn and embrace new African cultures and build an African network of peers. Not only that, it can result in increased confidence and independence and helps to prepare them for future study or for their chosen careers. Here at Msafiri tours, we can create Uganda cultural student trips, whether it’s a short study trip. Whichever destination you choose in Uganda for your cultural study trip, our Msafiri tours team of group travel experts will create your perfect trip itinerary.

Uganda university trips for cultural awareness.

We’re a one-stop shop for your Uganda university group travel package for your student field trips. Whether you’re looking for a travel package or a comprehensive subject-linked itinerary, we’ll work with you to pull together exactly what you need.   We’ve created Uganda Student trips – group travel packages to Uganda for students from all over the world.

Everything we do is tailor-made; our Uganda Student trips itineraries are just suggestions to give you an idea of what is possible. Please contact us so we can tailor the perfect Uganda holiday  exclusively for you 

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