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Travel Locally: Explore your own Uganda backyard on the best local Uganda holiday Packages for Ugandans 2021

With lockdown rules easing in Uganda, now is a great time to discover or reconnect with your favourite places in Uganda with your favourite people on a city break this summer– Msafiri tours will help you get creative, travel locally in Uganda and explore your own backyard on Uganda tours for Ugandans at affordable prices. 

Looking for domestic holiday Packages for Ugandans, a short Uganda getaway, a family-friendly Uganda holiday or a Uganda romantic honeymoon package? We offer you an opportunity to customize your travel based on your interests and budget.

There are countless reasons to holiday in Uganda. Uganda might seem small but, when it comes to amazing landscapes, wildlife, world-class attractions and incredible history and culture, Uganda can’t be beaten. 

With the future of international travel still looking a little uncertain as we move into 2021, planning more Uganda adventures has never been so appealing. We’ll be booking up incredible campsites and cabins and cottages and excursions,  safaris, a week away tours to these ace places to visit. From remote islands to lush national parks, we have it all in our Uganda tours for Ugandans

Cultural experiences

Uganda culture is well known around Africa. It’s an inclusive culture, encompassing different art forms, people and places. From

Uganda family breaks

Discover your next big family adventure with Peppa Pig and her family. From iconic seaside resorts to magical forests,

Uganda road trip

Uganda road trip for Ugandans We run Uganda road trip for Ugandans. We will help you rent a car and

Explore a new city

Explore a new Uganda city with Msafiri tours Another top domestic travel idea is to explore a new Uganda

History and heritage

Uganda is a truly historic place with a fascinating heritage. There are a huge array of historical museums, Kingdom

Active experiences

When it comes to days out, there really is something for everyone in Uganda. Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie

Food breaks and holidays

For the foodies among us, there are a host of delicious Uganda foodie breaks available up and down the

Day tours

Organised day tours for Ugandans When it comes to organised day tours for Ugandans, for family or friends, you’re

Go on Safari

Go on Uganda Safari Uganda has a diversity of wildlife in its national parks. These include lions, zebras, buffaloes,

Camping for Ugandans

Camping holidays in Uganda for Ugandans. We Msafiri tours aim to deliver camping holiday experiences in Uganda for Ugandans,